News from Price Hill

I’m so sorry I have not posted in so long,  this year seems to have gone by so fast, I can’t believe that it’s already October.  A few months ago we started looking into doing “cradle care” (it’s actually called infant intern foster care, or something like that, I don’t remember the exact wording they used) which is basically where you keep a baby that has already been adopted for a few weeks after he/she is born so that they have somewhere to stay while all the paperwork is being finalized.  We are sending in the application now, but it will be at least Christmas before anything happens.

Everything else on Price Hill has been going along smoothly.  I will be taking the PSAT  in about two weeks and hopefully getting my drivers permit soon.  Everyone has been very exited about “watching the babies”.  When we first started talking about it one of the younger kids asked “but mama, what are the little babies going to eat??” mama had to explain to a shocked audience about “formula” and “bottles”.  Only in the Price house. 🙂

I apologize again for abandoning the blog world.  I’ll try to post more often now, if I can find time away from school and everything.       



  1. Ellie said,

    October 6, 2009 at 1:40 am

    That’s so exciting, Morgan!
    What agency are you working with?
    I’m guessing you have to have a homestudy of some sort to do Cradle Care?
    We were at an adoption conference this past weekend & seeing all the little babies makes Josiah seem kind of old! So right now the story is learning to trust God for His timing.
    Does it have its ownest email address now? It should email.

    • Morgan said,

      October 6, 2009 at 3:01 am

      Hi Ellen!
      We are going through Bethany Christian Services. We waited to send in the aplication until William turned two, so we don’t know a whole lot at this point.
      BTW-we saw the Zastrows at an air show in Jackson last Saturday, they were there getting signatures. Wish we could have seen y’all too!

      Yes! It does! my email is

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