What I like about being a big sister

When you’re a big sister you get to do lots and lots of great things like-

~doing dishes, laundry,cooking, cleaning and changing LOTS of diapers.

~having your little sister come up to you at 10:00 at night and say “Morgan I really want to sleep in my bed tonight, PLEASE!?” I told her “well, why don’t you sleep with Sarah tonight, since you don’t have any sheets on your bed?” she immediately burst into tears,”but Morgan I REALY want to sleep in my own bed” ;(    So, as you have probably already guesed I went and dug through the laundry room and found some sheets and put her to bed.

~I also get to do lots of stuff like sneaking kisses from the baby after he has fallen asleep on me and reading bedtime stories to my younger siblings.

In all I LOVE being a big sister, and everything that comes with it, whether it’s doing the dishes, playing with William, or helping the boys with school work,and I thank God every day for the amazing family that He has given me.


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  1. March 2, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN (SWEET 16) We both love what you wrote about being a big sister. You fill the bill to a T.
    Stay the wonderful girl you are!!! See you Soon!!!

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